Ohio Valley Workplace Injury Attorneys

Workplace Injuries

Photo of a workplace injury claim formThe Ohio Valley workplace injury lawyers at Sellitti, Nogay & Nogay have been representing countless workers injured on the job throughout Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania for nearly three decades. If you have been hurt at work, our attorneys can review your case and help you pursue all possible sources of compensation for your injuries.

Workplace injuries in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia involve navigating a complicated path in which any one mistake or oversight could have a substantial effect on your claim. In addition to handling all of your paperwork for you, the Ohio Valley workplace injury lawyers at Sellitti, Nogay & Nogay will aggressively fight for your rights to make sure you receive all of the compensation to which you are entitled. Our attorneys have represented clients who have been involved in such workplace injuries as:

  • Burns — These can be caused by extreme heat or cold, radiation, chemicals or the electrocutions or explosions listed below.
  • Construction accidents and industrial accidents — Collapsing structures, dangerous chemicals, falling objects and heavy or unsafe equipment are frequent hazards at construction sites that can lead to injuries or death.
  • Crane accidents — Collapses of crane booms due to breaks or malfunctions.
  • Electrocutions — Victims of electrocution may suffer death, disfigurement, disability or shock and trauma.
  • Explosions — Employees working in industries involving gas lines, coal mines or chemicals can suffer burns or other traumatic injuries from explosions often resulting from negligent maintenance.
  • Falls from heights — Injuries of this type can often involve failure to adhere to precautionary safeguards that may have prevented any injuries.
  • Scaffolding accidents — Temporary or permanent, these structures are responsible for thousands of injuries because of slippery walkways, falling objects or collapses.

Sellitti, Nogay & Nogay has delivered results for clients throughout the Ohio Valley’s tri-state area ever since our firm’s inception in 1984. We represent every client as aggressively as possible, having secured millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for clients throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Every one of our attorneys was born, raised and continues to live in the Ohio Valley area, and because we are a small firm, you will always be represented by one of our experienced partners.

If you need legal assistance in recovering lost wages or paying medical bill for an injury you suffered at work, contact our office today to let our attorneys at Sellitti, Nogay & Nogay see how we can help.

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