Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our Attorneys Get Big Results

Photo of an auto accidentWere you involved in an automobile accident? Is the insurance company offering you a settlement that does not seem to account for your pain and suffering? Did your injuries result in a pile of medical bills and cause you to miss work? You deserve legal representation from personal injury attorneys who will fight aggressively on your behalf and take your case to trial when necessary.

Since the firm’s inception in 1984, the personal injury lawyers at Sellitti, Nogay & Nogay have helped scores of motor vehicle accident victims in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio receive the compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one has been injured a motor vehicle accident, our attorneys can help you hold the negligent party responsible.

Every motor vehicle accident involves multiple variables; when the injured victim wants to file suit against a negligent party, the task can be overwhelming. The lawyers at Sellitti, Nogay & Nogay will thoroughly investigate the case on behalf of the injured client so he or she can focus on recovery. We will obtain police reports, interview witnesses, review medical records and deal with the insurance company. We will hire medical experts, occupational experts and accident reconstructionists when necessary to show who is at fault for the accident, how your injuries happened and how they are affecting your life, from lost wages and medical expenses to pain and suffering or wrongful death damages. Our firm has the resources necessary to build the best case possible and the experience to prove that you require justice.

Our attorneys have experience with motor vehicles involved in such personal injury cases as:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Distracted driving accidents
  • ATV accidents

If you have been involved in any type of motor vehicle accident, it is in your best interest to contact our personal injury attorneys in the Ohio Valley’s tri-state area as soon as possible. The insurance company will be looking for any way to minimize your settlement offer. Our firm has secured millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for personal injury clients in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio, and we pride ourselves on litigating these matters as aggressively as possible. Contact our office today to let our attorneys at Sellitti, Nogay & Nogay review your case.

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