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Insurance Company Misconduct

Photo of definition of integrityWhile insurance companies are quick to collect premiums from policyholders, these companies often move slowly when consumers seek the protection they have been paying for. The Ohio Valley litigation lawyers at Sellitti, Nogay & Nogay recover compensation for clients throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia when insurance companies put profits ahead of honoring their client’s policy. Our attorneys are not afraid to stand up to these insurance companies and have taken cases to state and federal courts throughout the tri-state area.

Our attorneys aggressively pursue cases against insurance companies that are acting in bad faith when they make the claims process more difficult than it needs to be. Our firm helps individuals and families in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio with such insurance company wrongdoing as:

  • Careless investigations into claims
  • Delayed settlement
  • Delaying or denying medical care
  • Delaying or denying payment
  • Denying claims without reasonable justification
  • Failure to handle claims fairly, reasonably, and promptly
  • Failure to promptly investigate or perform due diligence in claims handling
  • Refusal to make a reasonable settlement offer for legitimate claims and damages
  • Refusal to provide coverage
  • Refusal to pay life, health, or disability insurance policies
  • Refusal to settle a case or compensate you for the entirety of your loss
  • Unreasonable requests of the claimant
  • Unreasonably interpreting policy language

The Ohio Valley litigation lawyers at Sellitti, Nogay & Nogay understand the obligations your insurance company has to you and what constitutes a reasonable effort to investigate the validity of your claim. Ever since our firm’s inception in 1984, our attorneys have investigated, fought and secured compensation for clients in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania who have suffered harm because of insurance company bad faith. Because we are a small firm, clients are always represented by one of our experienced partners, and every one of the tri-state litigation lawyers at Sellitti, Nogay & Nogay has been born, raised and continues to live in the Ohio Valley area. As a result, our attorneys maintain a strong commitment to the neighbors in our community.

If your insurance company is treating you unfairly, you do not have to continue to tolerate such misconduct. Contact our office to schedule an initial free consultation with our attorneys and let us see how the Ohio Valley litigation lawyers at Sellitti, Nogay & Nogay can help.

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